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Sarah is a political commentator who seeks to correct the course of modern culture.

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Thursday Nov 18, 2021

This social stream covered why the gender/sexuality battles should matter to those who claim to be conservatives, the Islamic terrorist who the media falsely called a "Christian convert", a teacher who was suspended for using the correct pronouns, and more.

Friday Nov 12, 2021

This social stream covered how the U.S. Military is becoming the laughing stock of the world intentionally, the Project Veritas journalists who were raided by the FBI, the latest in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, the degeneracies pushed by British schools, and more.

Thursday Nov 04, 2021

This stream covered the indoctrination of toddlers with self-hate, mandatory re-education being promoted in corporate America, the American election results, and the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, which is a travesty of justice. 

Thursday Oct 28, 2021

This live show covered the degeneracy promoted by candy companies, the purge of whites from museums and colleges, the Biden Administration's plan to reward illegal aliens, and more. 

Sunday Oct 24, 2021

Teachers, drunk on their own power, are abusing the children who dare to remove their masks, some of whom are disabled. It points to a pervasive problem in which public school teachers and administrators consider themselves the owners of the children who have been placed in their care.

Friday Oct 22, 2021

This live stream covered the unrelenting inflation that is making life unaffordable for so many, the political exploitation of a man's death by an Islamic terrorist in England, the tyrannical extremes that Canada now imposes on its people,  along with the ways in which anti-white teachings are spreading amongst corporate America and governmental agencies.

Monday Oct 18, 2021

David Amass is the latest Brit to be murdered by an Islamic terrorist, and as if rehearsed, media outlets rushed to defend the ideology of his attacker. Strangely, this posturing does not occur when other ideologies lead to violence.

Thursday Oct 14, 2021

This live show covered the latest efforts of the entertainment industry to expose children to deviancy, the anti-white narratives that lead to forced 'diversity' in the upcoming Lord of the Rings, Canada's crackdown on preachers, a recent judge's favorable ruling on the civil rights violations against January 6th protesters, and more.

Thursday Oct 07, 2021

This live show covered those who are still being targeted in the round-up of patriots who attended the January 6th protest, the dehumanization of those who choose to reject forced medical procedures and the new approach to deny them life-saving medical care, the use of the Department of Justice to target concerned parents, and more.

Thursday Sep 30, 2021

This stream covered the January 6th protester who died awaiting trial for a crime that prosecutors knew he didn't commit, Baltimore's denial of a group's right to protest, the professor who was suspended for not grading black students better, and more.


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